What Makes Us Different

We use centuries-old traditional methods to produce the most nutritious and probiotic-rich raw sauerkraut and kvass available in the marketplace. Our process ensures that you are getting the most nutritionally dense organic sauerkraut - and it tastes delicious!

Our sauerkraut is hand-cut to preserve the crunch. We never pasteurize or use any preservatives. The kraut is made in small batches and we let it ferment for at least 28 days. 

Sauerkraut  organic kvass juice



The organic sauerkraut you've grown accustomed to has been made with vinegar and then pasteurized at high temperature and so it does not have any beneficial live probiotic cultures. And even most of the raw sauerkraut available on the marketplace has been fermented with the use of a whey starter to save time and money.  Beyond the departure from tradition, this industrialized process sacrifices flavor, texture, and the live cultures that have always made fermented foods a nutritional staple around the world.
At Hamptons Brine, we believe that eating foods rich in probiotics (the beneficial live cultures in yogurt and brined vegetables like raw sauerkraut) plays a crucial role in staying healthy.  That's why we rely on wild cultures to make our raw sauerkraut and organic kvass. These cultures take 28 days to turn our raw cabbage into the live, nutritious and delicious food that we can then deliver to you.

raw organic sauerkraut brine


I take this everyday to help keep my gut in check... I had colon cancer and this has made such a big difference in my digestive and over all health. 

 I have at least one shot every day (and more than one when I need a boost), and I really believe it helps me out. It has a unique and fascinating taste, not unlike a shot of really great whiskey. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good everyday tonic...

This is the best tasting sourkrout by far.  I highly recommwnd this for its taste and its probiotic properties.

 Fresh, healthy ingredients mixed together in the perfect proportions by a foodie genius! Love that this is a woman-owned business. Nadia is truly the Kraut Queen!

I was so happy to see this product on Amazon. I have bought this many times over this past summer on the east end. Not only it tastes delicious it help me get relief from IBS that I suffer from. It is all natural and I am not putting another drug in my body.  Now I can order here! I use the whole jar even the juice! Thanks for making it!

As a health professional, this is one of the best things you can do for yourself besides drinking lots of water. The probiotics in raw sauerkraut not only come from natural sources, but they are more abundant than any other source. Hamptons Brine classic is my favorite, however the kvass is absolutely divine! And it's USDA certified organic.